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Have you noticed?
Daniel’s friends were facing a crisis because of 
their faith, but Daniel was not there!

Read that chapter carefully, even the name Daniel 
is not mentioned; We all know that Daniel was number 
one in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom(Daniel 2 : 48 ), but 
when so many threatening things were happening in 
Babylon, some how Daniel was not there!

Where was Daniel?
Being the chief administrator of Babylon, whether he was 
sent on duty to some remote place?

Whether the enemies of Jews used the opportunity to 
take revenge on Daniel’s friends?

We are not having the full picture, but that crisis brings out 
a challenging truth; the truth about shadows!

See, in the first and second chapters of the Book of Daniel, 
his three friends were directly or indirectly shown in the 
shadow of Daniel; Even their promotion was because of 
Daniel’s request! ( Daniel 2 : 49 )

But in the third chapter, the crisis brings out the truth that 
they were not in the shadow of Daniel but in the Shadow 
of the Almighty!

In the first two chapters, the fourth person in their team 
was considered as Daniel, but the test of fire revealed 
that the fourth Person was of Divine nature!

See the consequence!
Nebuchadnezzar issued a decree which prohibited anyone 
to speak anything against the Living GOD!

Compare his response in chapter 2, when Daniel interpreted 
the dream; It was not so strong compared to chapter 3.

How much we all need this kind of test of fire?
Most of us wish to be in the shadows of some men of GOD 
and rests on their faith instead of having a closer walk with 
the Living GOD; If our faith rests on this and that persons, 
when the fire tests us, we can not shine!

Respect all servants of GOD, but remember we all are 
children of GOD and hence expected to have a personal 
faith encounter with GOD.

You may reach some position because of some Daniels, 
but by your faith, you have to prove that you are worthy 
of your calling!

Daniel’s friends proved that! ( DANIEL 3 : 30 ).

Welcome the test of fire!




PSALM 105 : 17

HE sent a man before them -Joseph- who was sold as a slave.
GOD sent Joseph to Egypt before other Israelites!

Wait a minute!
When did that happen?
Where is it in the Book of Genesis?

GOD sent Joseph?

Was it not Jacob who sent Joseph to Shechem?
-Is obedience to parents also GOD’s way of leading a person?

Was it not some unknown man who informed Joseph about his
brothers’ plan to go to Dothan thus by helping Joseph to go to
-Does GOD guide us through a stranger’s word also?

Was it not Joseph’s brothers who sold him to the Midianite
– Are a GOD-centered person’s enemies also controlled by
GOD in such a way that even their secret plans will help that
person to move only in the GOD- assigned direction?

Was it not the Midianite traders who sent Joseph as a slave to
Pothiphar’s house?
– Is having no rights for a time period also a proof that one is
travelling in the GOD-designed Royal Road?

Was it not the Potiphar’s wife who was instrumental in sending
Joseph to the prison ?
-Do injustice and silent nights also confirm that our journey is
in the right direction?

Was it not the king of Egypt who sent two of his servants to the
– Does the seemingly accidental meetings in a disciple’s life is
also the significant road signs planted by GOD?

Was it not the forgetfulness of the person who received favor
from Joseph the reason for his extended days of dark nights?
– Does the ‘last hope’ on a person becoming the ‘lost hope’
indicate that our times are in HIS hands?

Was it not the king of Egypt who sent and released Joseph?
– Is it true that the world will conspire to honor a life surrendered
to GOD in the right time?

GOD sent Joseph to Egypt!
But it took thirteen years to reach Egypt from Canaan!
Because when GOD deals with a person, HE will not just sent him
in the Royal Road but equips him also for his future assignment!
And above all, he didn’t just send Joseph!
But HE went with Joseph! (GENESIS 39 : 2 & 21)
Yes, HIS presence will be with us, whether we acknowledge or not,
whenever we travel in HIS Royal Road!


Weeping? Lost hope? No one to understand?
Almost gave up?; Betrayal after betrayal?
Rejection after rejection?
No one remembers?
Forget your own name in the valley of shadow of death?
Counting stars with open eyes and counting sheep with closed eyes?
Feeling as if the whole world is against you?

Hey! Wipe your tears! Don’t worry!
You are a Joseph for this generation!
Believe me, you are on the Royal Road!
GOD only sent you in the Road!
Not just sends you but HE also comes with you!

Look up and get up!
Again surrender your life to HIM!
And live one day at a time by trusting HIM!
Soon you will receive your position and promotion!



PSALM 144 : 1

Bless the LORD, who is my rock.
He gives me strength for war and skill for battle.

Strength for war and skill for battle!

Some of us give so much importance to strength and power and we
assume that with power we can crush the strongholds of enemy;
On the other hand, some of us prioritize skill development only and assume skills are enough to defeat the enemy!

But the Word of GOD is very clear;
Strength and skill!

Why you need strength?
Because Christian life and warfare are not a single day’s affair!
We can not assume our yesterday’s victory will keep the enemy away from us today and tomorrow; In fact, after every thwarted plan, that experienced enemy will change his strategy and will wage surprise and ferocious attacks the very next day!
Even if you know the secrets of warfare and the skills to defeat the enemy, if you are not having the strength to fight the next day, in your exhausted state, your skill set will become a null set!
You may not be able to stand even if your fingers are ready to fight!

Hence, waiting in HIS presence and getting regular filling of HIS SPIRIT to have the strength not be ignored!

Why you need skills?
Because Christian life and warfare are not of this world!
Our battle is against the principalities and powers!
If we do not have the skills to discern the enemy’s wiles and schemes, we will be having only shadow boxing!. We are supposed to fight according to the rules!

If the skill to study the Scriptures is not developed properly and on time, our position in Christ and Christ’s position in warfare and the enemy’s position against Christ will all be a distant reality for us in our battles!
Spend time to develop the skills; the skills of absorbing, appropriating and applying the Word!

You need the strength for a prolonged battle;
You need the skill to thwart the wiles of the devil!

The objective TRUTH and the subjective filling of the SPIRIT;
The deadly combination to empty hell and enlarge GOD’s kingdom!

GOD promised; strength for war and skill for battle!
Why focus on only one?
Grow in the WORD and Glow with the SPIRIT!



GENESIS 46 : 34

Every shepherd was an abomination to the ancient Egyptians!
Why? What was wrong in shepherding?
It was also one of the jobs; Why such a ‘bias’?

Like any other bias, no reason can be given;
But, have you noticed?

When Egypt faced crisis because of the seven year
famine, a shepherd, Joseph, became Egypt’s savior!

The abomination; The bias!
The administrator; The scope!

Nearly after 400 years, when Egypt was so powerful,
another shepherd, Moses, became Egypt’s nightmare!

The abomination: The bias!
The nightmare: The scope!

Dear friend, feeling low, humiliated, insulted, ignored,
cornered and sidelined because of any bias?
Color, caste, appearance, personality, nationality,
economic conditions, academic failures, professional
setbacks and family backgrounds are used as a snare
to build bias against you?
The world hates and hurts you, because of the bias?
Crying bitterly and silently, unknown to the world?

Remember, Joseph and Moses;
In the land where they were considered an abomination,
they proved that they were above the ‘ superiors’!

Their secret?
Their Lord!

Stop crying! Come out of the ‘ I am worthless’ shell!
Never accept the lies of the label makers!
Never allow the opinionated people to define your
potential and future!
The Creator of heavens and earth loved you,
called you, sanctified you, accepted you and
anointed you!
Let HIS WORD define your identity!
Reckon and remember your identity in Christ!
Respect your residential BOSS who is greater than
the one who is in the world!
Renew your mind by THE TRUTH!
Rest in HIS presence and regain the strength and
boldly claim ‘ I can do all things through CHRIST who
strengthens me!

Remember Joseph and Moses, who by HIS strength,
proved ‘ no weapon formed against us shall prosper’!

The GREAT SHEPHERD is your scope and hope;
Follow HIM and prove ” you are Highly favored”!


LIGHT ( I PETER 2 : 9 )


GENESIS 16: 9.

Hagar: A slave from Egypt; a maidservant of Sarah;
No great expectations; No pride and prejudice; But
Because of the momentary decision taken by the frustrated Sarah,
Hagar’s life and Sarah’s frustrations gained momentum!.
You know, decisions taken at frustrated moments will surely beget more frustrations; Enter His rest before making decisions!

Sarah suffered, felt inferior; not willing to accept even her own expectations about her family’s future;
Late revelations: Abraham’s baby is not my baby!;
Sarah went to the next extreme; dealt harshly with Hagar and she fled;
Abraham? So silent; father of faith had a black spot of doubt?
Silently accepted Sarah’s suggestion; Silently enjoyed Hagar’s embrace;
Silently supported Sarah’s madness; Silently watched Hagar’s escape!

But Poor Hagar,
What was her mistake?! Why she had to suffer for their foolishness?
She was used, misused and abused; treated like a wooden toy;
No respect for her personality, her feelings and emotions;
Better to quit; resign; escape; Her decision to run away justified!
But God? Is He watching? Why He allowed this?
GOD, who was silent up to that moment, sent an angel;
To acknowledge her decision? To console her?; No!
To send her back to her mistress; to submit herself under her hand!

Is it not cruel? Is this visitation and the message from GOD’s angel?
Is it logical? Will they accept? Even if they accept, how will they treat?
Will they punish, the punishment for a runaway slave?

See Hagar, no questions asked; no ifs and buts; simply obeyed!
The secret: The assurance she got ‘ YOU ARE THE GOD WHO SEES’.
Submitting to Sarah may become suffocating, but it does not matter!
If we have the assurance ‘ EL ROI’, no submission will be suffocating!

Hagar didn’t think about the wisdom in that command, like most of us.
But see the consequences and the rewards!.( Genesis 16 & 17 ).
1. Abraham’s house, even if Sarah was fuming, was the safest place for the delivery.
2. Her son was acknowledged as Abraham’s son; in the wilderness,
nobody would have accepted that as a legitimate child!
3. Abraham named the child Ishmael, meaning GOD hears; even the name
selected by GOD.
4. Because of the intervention of GOD, through the angelic visitation,
her status got changed; from just a slave to mother of ‘GOD hears’.
5. Her son Ishmael got circumcised as a mark of a covenant with GOD.
6. At least thirteen more years of peaceful dwelling in the land; no more
torture mentioned in the Word.
7. Specific blessings to Ishmael were uttered to Abraham by the angel.
8. Silent Abraham becoming struggling Abraham, struggling to send her away when Sarah revolted the second time. A bond created. Oh! the assurance of being loved( Genesis 21 : 11).
A name, a bond, a place, a status, a covenant, a blessing, a prophecy,
an assurance and much more; just because of single act of blind obedience; ignoring the temporal suffering by reckoning the great truth;
Praise the Lord, Hagar obeyed!

Tell me friends; Which costs more, obedience or disobedience?
No one to understand your sufferings?, no one to wipe away your tears?,
Feeling just used and thrown away? frustrated by passive Abraham?
Tortured by selfish Sarah? Bewildered by GOD’s silence?
GOD is silent, but not blind and deaf;
HE SEES, not just you, even your future!
HE HEARS, not just your voice, even your afflictions!
HE KNOWS, and HE wants to protect and bless you!
Don’t doubt GOD’s wisdom and instructions!. Just obey!.
You may not understand The INFINITE’s plan with your finite mind;
But, one day you will surely testify: EL ROI!;
Man’s manipulations and Satan’s subtleties won’t touch you,
If you dwell in the secret place of the MOST HIGH!
You know, the surrendered life is always a successful life!
Be prosperous!



Have you noticed?

I KINGS 17 : 4. GOD commanded the ravens to feed Elijah;
DANIEL 6 : 22. GOD sends His angel and shut the lion’s mouth;
JONAH 1 : 17. GOD prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah.

Three different kingdoms : the animal kingdom in the land, 
the bird kingdom in the air,
the fish kingdom in the sea;
One common assignment : Protect the servant; 

Three different methods :Mouth shut. Don’t hurt; 
Bringing meat and bread to Elijah;
Swallowing but not digesting Jonah;
One common denominator: the assignments are against their respective
nature, extremely difficult to obey; 

Three types of difficulties : 
For the lion, only the mouth shut, but the legs were free; Hungry lions 
not attacking the prey with legs is unusual, against the lion’s nature. 
For the ravens, taking the food, that also meat, and giving to a human
being; It is unusual, against the ravens’ nature.
For the fish, keeping something in its stomach for three days without
applying the digestive fluids. It is unusual, against the fish’s nature. 

One common thread : God assigned them some responsibility;
They executed them meticulously;
They completed them faithfully;
At the end, there is not even a hurt or damage to the servants!

The Creator commanded; the creature obeyed!
We can see many more examples in THE WORD.

Three different examples; three different kingdoms;
Three different assignments; three different servants;
Perfect Submission; Excellent Execution; Total Quality Management!

Examples OK! but the counterexample? Yes, human beings!

How are you executing the GOD given responsibilities?
Is there any damage to the persons under your care?
Physical or emotional abuse under the cover of care?
Submission or partial submission or rebellion?

Are you an example or a counterexample?

Is the assignment against your nature?
Is it extremely difficult to obey?
Tempted to damage the flock?

Remember the lion, the ravens and the fish:
If they can, why not you?

If GOD assigns you an work, he will enable you by His Spirit;
Be strong and courageous; You can.



Today I deliberately choose to submit myself fully to God as He has made Himself known to me through the Holy Scripture which I honestly accept as the only inspired, infallible, authoritative standard for all life and practice. In this day I will not judge God, His work, myself or others on the basis of feelings or circumstances.

1. I recognize by faith that the triune God is worthy of all honor, praise, and worship as the Creator, Sustainer and End of all things. I confess that God, as my Creator made me for Himself. In this day I therefore choose to live for Him. (Rev 5:9-10; Is 43:1, 7, 21; Rev 4:11).

2. I recognize by faith that God loved me and chose me in Jesus Christ before time began (Eph 1: 1-7).

3. I recognize by faith that God has proven His love to me in sending His Son to die in my place, in whom every provision has already been made for my past, present and future needs through His representative work and that I have been quickened, raised, seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenlies, and anointed with the Holy Spirit (Ro 5:6-11; 8:28-39; Phil 1:6; 4:6-7,13, 19; Eph 1:3 ; 2: 5-6; Ac 2: 1-4, 33).

4. I recognize by faith that God has accepted me, since I have received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour (Jn 1:12; Eph 1:6); that He has forgiven me (Eph 1:7); adopted me into His family, assuming every responsibility for me (Jn 17:11,17; Eph 1:5; Phil 1: 6); given me eternal life (Jn 3:36; 1Jn 5: 9-13); applied the perfect righteousness of Christ to me so that I am now justified (Ro 5:1; 8: 3-4; 10: 4); made me complete in Christ (Col 2:10); and offers Himself to me as my daily sufficiency through prayer and the decisions of faith (1 Co 1:30; Col 1:27; Gal 2:20; Jn 14: 13-14; Mt 21:22; Ro 6:1-19; Heb 4: 1-3,11).

5. I recognize by faith that the Holy Spirit has baptized me into the Body of Christ(1 Co 12:13); sealed me (Eph 1:13-14); anointed me for life and service(Ac 1:8; Jn 7:37-39); seeks to lead me into a deeper walk with Jesus Christ (Jn 14:16-18; 15:26-27; 16:13-15; Ro 8:11-16); and to fill my life with Himself (Eph 5:18).

6. I recognize by faith that only God can deal with sin and only God can produce holiness of life. I confess that in my salvation my part was only to receive Him and that He dealt with my sin and saved me. Now I confess that in order to live a holy life. I can only surrender to His will and receive Him as my sanctification; trusting Him to do whatever may be necessary in my life, without and within, so I may be enabled to live today in purity, freedom, rest and power for His glory (Jn 1:12; 1 Co 1:30; 2 Co 9:8; Gal 2:20; Heb 4: 9; 1 Jn 5:4 Jude 24).

Having Confessed that God is worthy of all praise, that the Scriptures are the only authoritive standard, that only God can deal with sin and produce holiness of life, I again recognize my total dependence upon Him and submission to Him. I accept the truth that praying in faith is absolutely necessary for the realization of the will and grace of God in my daily life ( 1 Jn 5: 14-15; Ja 2:6; 4:2-3; 5:16-18; Phil 4:6-7; Heb 4: 1-13; 11:6, 24-28).
Recognizing that faith is a total response to God by which the daily provisions the Lord has furnished in Himself are appropriated, I therefore make the following decisions of faith:

1. For this day (Heb 3:6, 13, 15:4:7) I make the decision of faith to surrender wholly to the authority of God as He has revealed Himself in the Scripture – to obey Him. I confess my sin, face the sinful reality of my old nature, and deliberately choose to walk in the light, in step with Christ, throughout the hours of this day (Ro 6: 16-20; Phil 2:12-13;1 Jn 1:7,9).

2. For this day I make the decision of faith to surrender wholly to the authority of God as revealed in the Scripture to believe Him. I accept only His Word as final authority. I now believe that since I have confessed my sin, He has forgiven and cleansed me (1 Jn 1:9). I accept at full value His word of promise to be my sufficiency and rest, and will conduct myself accordingly (Ex 33:1; 1 Co 1:30; 2 Co 9:8; Phil 4:19).

3. For this day I make the decision of faith to recognize that God has made every provision so that I may fulfill His will and calling. Therefore, I will not make any excuse for my sin and failure(1 Th 5:24).

4. For this day I make the decision of faith deliberately to receive from God that provision which He has made for me. I renounce all self-effort to live the Christian life and to perform God’s service; renounce all sinful praying which asks God to change circumstances and people so that I may be more spiritual; renounce all drawing back
from the work of the Holy Spirit within and the call of God without; and renounce all nonbiblical motives, goals, and activities which serve my sinful pride.

a. I now sincerely receive Jesus Christ as my sanctification, particularly as my cleansing from the old nature, and ask the Holy Spirit to apply to me the work of Christ accomplished for me in the crucifixion. In cooperation with and dependence upon Him, I obey the command to “put off the old man” (Ro 6:1; 1 Co 1:30; Gal 6:14; Eph 4:22).

b. I now sincerely receive Jesus Christ as my sanctification, particularly as my enablement moment by moment to live above sin, and ask the Holy Spirit to apply to me the work of the resurrection so that I may walk in newness of life. I confess that only God can deal with my sin and only God can produce holiness and the fruit of the Spirit in my life. In cooperation with and dependence upon Him, I obey the command to “Put on the new man” (Ro 6: 1-4; Eph 4: 24).

c. I now sincerely receive Jesus Christ as my deliverance from Satan and take my position with Him in the heavenlies, asking the Holy Spirit to apply to me the work of the ascension. In His Name I submit myself to God and stand against all of Satan’s influence and subtlety. In cooperation with and dependence upon God, I obey the command to “resist the devil” (Eph 1:20-23; 2:5; 4:27; 6:10-18; Col 1 :13; Heb 2:14-15; Ja 4:7; 1Pe 3:22; 5:8-9).

d. I now sincerely receive the Holy Spirit as my anointing for every aspect of life and service for today. I fully open my life to Him to fill me afresh in obedience to the command to “be filled with the Holy Spirit” (Eph 5:18; Jn 7:37-39; 14:16-17; 15:26-27; 16:7-15; Ac 1:8).

Having made this confession and these decisions of faith, I now receive God’s promised rest for this day (Heb 4:1-13). Therefore, I relax in the trust of faith, knowing that in the moment of temptation, trial, or need, the Lord Himself will be there as my strength and sufficiency (1 Co 10:13).

From the book  ‘THE ADVERSARY’  by Marc Bubec.

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