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Watch the world news for a minute, you will understand
the total depravity of the fallen man; the desire to rule and
control, the urge to rebel and subdue, the schemes to
deceive and trample, the manipulations to manifest and
dominate, … surely the end game tactics are everywhere!

Man assumes that he is omnipotent and tries his best to
establish a name for himself in this fallen world; But he
fails to understand the Kingdom of The Great ‘I AM’ and
HIS grand plan to redeem this world! . HIS foreknowledge,
HIS active involvement in the world history, HIS patience
and HIS power are all ignored by the world!
Cosmic comedy!
Man tries to play GOD!

Read DANIEL 11.
Establishing kingdoms, fighting against another kingdom,
trusting the might and riches(verse 3& 4), divided kingdoms, uprooted kingdoms, peace agreement( verse 6), betrayal and rebellion, rise of world powers and their vain attempt to exhibit
their power and might( verse 11 ), unexpected stumbling and
the fall of the powerful ( verse 19), economic reforms (verse 20)
and the silent and subtle destruction of the reformer…..
We know it is a prophecy but is it not looking like the current
world affairs?

Read further!
an unassuming person becoming the ruler using his craftiness,
his desire to establish a new world order by crook or by hook,
his lust for power( verse 22 ), his deceptive way of using peace treaty, his novel approaches, his fame ( verse 24 ), his secret
agents in other kingdoms ( verse 26 ), his intense hatred against
the holy covenant ( verse 28 ) and steadily growing opposition to
his authority, ….
As a prophecy, we either try to figure out that person or label
this or that ruler as that person!
Yes, the way he exalt and magnify himself and his blasphemies
against the LIVING GOD will surely indicate the strengthening of
that person by the unholy forces of the deceptive, destructive,dirty
but defeated devil!.

Men who ignored and rejected the redemption plan becoming a
pawn in the hands of the enemy. And that pawn tries to fight
against the ALMIGHTY!
Is it not a comedy?
But there is a tragedy in that comedy!

Yes, the comedy attracts even some of the covenant people and
they forsake the holy covenant!. Sure, they all will get immediate honor from the deceiver (verse 30).
Tasted the covenant but wasted the privileges. What a tragedy!

Failing to understand our calling, as an ambassador of GOD in
this world, will deteriorate our convictions.
Remember, we are called to win some more from the opposite
camp by using the banner of TRUTH and instead if we start appreciating the pleasures of this world, compromise will enter
our inner core and we may also become a pawn in the enemy’s
The prophecy is given, not to identify that ruler or time but, to
warn us against our compromising lifestyle. We are expected
to understand and instruct many. ( DANIEL 11: 33 ).




1. DANIEL 1 : 8.

Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile
himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies; But
he didn’t rebel or became silent about his conviction,
rather requested the authority regarding that.
Remember, Daniel was just a slave but, by the grace
of GOD, he didn’t consider the appointed chief as an
enemy! He humbly requested the chief.
The art of negotiation!

2. DANIEL 1 : 10 – 13.
When the chief expressed his inability to accept Daniel’s
request, Daniel didn’t give up. He didn’t change his stand
but asked the concerned person to test him for ten days.
The art of negotiation!

3. DANIEL 2 : 13 – 16.
Nebuchadnezzar’s command to kill all the wise men because
of their failure to tell and interpret his dream brought death
to Daniel’s doorsteps. Even in that confusing and threatening
situation, Daniel didn’t give up; Rather he found out the
reason for king’s anger and asked the king to give him time.
Negotiating to buy time in an almost impossible situation!
The art of negotiation!

4. DANIEL 2 : 49.
When Nebuchadnezzar promoted Daniel, he petitioned for
his prayer partners and got better positions for them in that
kingdom. Daniel didn’t act on his own because of his new
position or hesitated to request the king for his friends.
But he petitioned in a convincing way!

The art of negotiation!
If we, the people of Truth, use our words in a wise way in our
daily walk, we can make our life more peaceful.
GOD gave grace and wisdom to Daniel to handle his words
in a convincing way and hence whatever might be his personal
position, he was able to move forward.

Crisis or promotion, Daniel knew how to turn things in his favor.
Of course, not by dirty manipulation, but by the grace of GOD!

Dear friend,
Some times we try silence and some other times we try angry
outburst and confrontation to express our convictions; But by
the grace of GOD we should learn when to be silent and when
to engage in healthy confrontation; Most of the times, neither
silence nor confrontation will bring the required outcome!
Rather, negotiating in a proper way by trusting GOD will bring
surprise results!

May GOD give us all the wisdom and grace to use our words
in a healthy and prosperous way!



I KINGS 17 : 12.

The Zarephath widow was gathering a couple of sticks; For what?. To prepare the last meal; But, if it is the last meal, why bother to cook? You believed that this is the end, then whether you are  eating that last meal or not does not matter; No husband; No one to understand and support; No hope; Little oil; handful of flour; Going and gathering a couple of sticks, is it worth? Why work, after having a glimpse about the end? Why gather a couple of sticks for your last meal?

Dear friend, in GOD’s mysterious plan to bless that widow,  you know, that last step of that widow becomes crucial. Meeting Elijah, his request for water, her willingness to give,  his request for bread, her painful, hopeless explanation, the servant of GOD’s promise, the miracle in her house, she and her household having a SQUARE MEAL regularly,  every thing hinges on her attitude to fight till the end;

Yes, willing to gather a couple of sticks, even if it is the last meal; not giving up even if no sign of sunshine, not quitting even if no one to encourage, being faithful even if compromises lure, that is the key to unlock a prosperous future!

Have you noticed an interesting thing? When GOD instructed Elijah to go to Zarephath,  He said ‘He commanded that widow ‘! But read that story, you won’t find any hint about that; What do you mean? The command ‘not to give up till the end’  is an inbuilt command given by THE CREATOR!. Common to all, including you! Need a miracle? Need a blessing? Go and gather a couple of sticks, even if it is the last meal; Be faithful in your workplace, even if it is your last day; Pray earnestly, even if the deadline is visible; Fight for your family, even if the hope of unity gone; Search sincerely, even if darkness engulfs your mind;

Don’t give up; Fight till the end; Run the extra mile; We all have an inbuilt resource center to do that; Pray; Trust; Wait; Endure; You are special; Divinely appointed to supply ‘ a square meal’ not just to your household but even  to Elijah’s!

Get up! Dress up! Show up!  You are going to meet ‘A miracle’!



GENESIS 41 : 1 – 8, Egyptian king Pharaoh had disturbing dreams in the night; and consequently Joseph became the Prime Minister of Egypt.

In ESTHER 6 : 1 – 3, Persian king Ahasuerus could not sleep in the night; and consequently Mordecai became the number two in that kingdom.

In DANIEL 2 : 1 -3, Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar had mysterious dreams in the night; and consequently Daniel got a promotion in that kingdom. 

GOD disturbing the sleep of the king; KINGSOMNIA!

See the strange similarities:
Joseph, Mordecai and Daniel did not disturb their kings to get the promotion;
Till that evening, no hint or sign of promotion or honor for them; 
All the three were faithful to the Heavenly master and to their earthly masters;
All the three were meticulous in their assigned duties, even though they were unjustly brought to those positions and nations;
All the three never hesitated to use their talents, whether rewarded or not;
All the three were having their own unanswered questions;
All the three were sharp enough to utilize the opportunities given to them;
All the three readily accepted their promotions against all the odds; 
All the three fixed their eyes only on GOD’s approval and not on the king’s;
All the three used their new positions for the welfare of the people; 

For these kind of people, if necessary, GOD will disturb even the sleep of their kings; push the kings in to a desperate situation which can be handled only by GOD’s chosen ones!

Like Joseph, no sign of recognition or deliverance?
Like Mordecai, voluntarily simplified a crisis situation but did not get the honor?
Like Daniel, your gifts and talents were ignored in a pyramid structure?

Fear not! 
In one night, GOD can change your story and position upside down!

But, like the three, trust GOD and do good;
Wherever GOD placed you, execute your assignments in an excellent way;
Never compromise your work standard because of non recognition;
Don’t worry too much about promotion and hikes; Just pray and surrender;
Honor your GOD; be faithful to your employer;

Never murmur or complain; your times are in GOD’s hands!
In the right time, GOD will prove that you are of different Spirit!
Remember, you are the salt and the light, GOD kept in that place!

Arise and Shine! Be an example! God will honor you!



LUKE 1 : 46 – 55

Mary: Mother of Jesus; highly favored woman; found favor with GOD;
An unique position in the history of mankind; Blessed. 
She was from a small city, Nazareth of Galilee; 
But, “can anything good come out of Nazareth?”.
This question was from Nathanael, ‘an Israelite in whom was no guile’,
According to Jesus (John 1 : 46 & 47). 
If you read the Jewish history of that period, you can grasp the truth
behind Nathanael’s genuine doubt; Nazareth, because of is strategic 
location, became a favorite military base of that time and that resulted in
dense presence of highly skilled soldiers in that area; 
Consequence? Like most of the metros, that city faced a cultural confusion
and temporary prosperity and to maintain that status started compromising
and favored so many things including the immorality of the soldiers; 
Slowly, that city and the residents, in particular the young girls, lost the respect of the rest of Jews;
Among all the cities of Israel, the worst rated one!

Mary was from that city; GOD’s chosen one, favored one was not from a 
highly secured, separated and spiritually blessed place, but from a sin engulfed, morality compromised place!
What a wondrous woman!
Even everything in a place is not so perfect, maintaining the purity and Godly standard and becoming GOD’s favored vessel is possible.
GOD is waiting for that kind of wondrous woman!

Not just the place, but the time of Mary also deserves attention:
Biblically speaking, nearly four hundred years of divine silence;
After Malachi, no truly inspired prophet in Israel.
Politically speaking, within these four hundred years Israel became 
a toy in the hands of so many kingdoms; from Persians to Romans through the Greek and Seleucids the land underwent uncertainty in every thing.
High priest post became a political post; money and king’s favor, instead
of the spiritual standards, decided the temple administration.
Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, Essenes and Zealots tried to define the
way of GOD in their own way and that resulted in thousands of man made 
rules and regulations; 
Do you think you will be having the motivation to please GOD?
See Mary, read her song, think about her faith, watch her submission;
Is it possible?
Four hundred years of political instability, economic chaos, spiritual 
degradation were not able to touch this teenager’s spiritual nerve!
What a wondrous woman!
What kind of excuses we are giving for our spiritual compromises?

You know, Mary’s praise song of only ten verses is having at least ten 
references from old testament; WORD POWER!
To the world four hundred years of spiritual silence, but even during 
that time the faithful, like Mary, shined. 

Have you noticed?
She didn’t even think about convincing Joseph about GOD’s favor; 
GOD sent an angel to convince Joseph!
How many times we worry about man’s approval even after sensing
GOD’s approval?
How many times we hid because of our social insecurities?
How many times we justify our compromises by blaming our kith and
kin, our surroundings and situations?
How many times we blamed our time, our political system, church scandals
and economic conditions for our lukewarm attitude? 
Oh Wondrous woman, remember,
You are challenged to change the world;
And you are changed to challenge the world!
Are you ready?



RUTH 1: 4 – 18.

Time of Judges: Israel going away from GOD; Slavery; Short – lived
revivals; Backsliding; Suffering; Crying; GOD sent saviors.

Elimelech, his wife Naomi and sons Mahlon and Chilion went from Bethlehem to Moab, because of famine in Israel. Elimelech died.
Now enters Orpah and Ruth, Moabite woman in to Naomi’s life;

SAME BEGINNING: Ruth and Orpah are from Moab, the land of Lot.

SAME BLESSING: Ruth and Orpah becoming Israelite women because of their marriages.

SAME CRISIS: Ruth and Orpah lost their husbands after ten years.

SAME INITIAL RESPONSE: Ruth and Orpah decided to accompany Naomi 
to Bethlehem.

SAME FIRST HINDRANCE: Ruth and Orpah received counsel from Naomi 
to stay at Moab and not to accompany her to Bethlehem.

SAME SECOND RESPONSE: Ruth and Orpah lifted their voices and wept.
Rejected Naomi’s counsel.

SAME SECOND HINDRANCE: Ruth and Orpah received detailed explanation 
from Naomi about their position and future. 

The synonyms becoming antonyms; different directions;
Orpah gave up. Kissed Naomi and left.
But Ruth clung to Naomi. 

UNIQUE TEMPTATION: Ruth again got a counsel from Naomi, to go back to 
Moab, strengthening her logic with Orpah as the example!

UNIQUE DETERMINATION: Your people are my people; Your GOD, my GOD:

You know the story; The consequence; Her marriage with Boaz;
Becoming the great grand mother of King David (Ruth 4: 16 – 22).
Crossing the Old testament and entering the New Testament and getting a place in the list, the genealogy of JESUS CHRIST(Matthew 1: 5).

Where is Orpah? You know, that is not important at all.
So many similarities, but one difference, one choice, only once;
Oh, the power of wise choice; the fruit of perseverance; the influence 
and impact of one surrendered life; Who can measure it?

But if you think it is the end, you will miss out the pivotal truth;
Ruth is from Moab; the land of Lot;
Remember Lot’s wife? Remember Lot’s daughters? 
Read their failures in the Book of Genesis; wondrous woman possible in these types of family trees? 
Yes, Ruth is coming from that type of sin stained, blessings lost, forsaken and forgotten generation of Lot;
Boaz marrying Ruth is actually a sign of GOD’s overflowing grace;
Boaz, from the family of Abraham, from the Promise generation marrying
Ruth, from the family of Lot, the perverse generation;
GOD’s love engulfing even the gentiles, if they permit!
Amazing Grace!

Dear friend,
worrying about your family background? Your fathers and forefathers way 
of rebellious living? feeling worthless because of your caste and past?
Ashamed of your failures and lost opportunities?
Cheer up; Remember Ruth; One girl’s determination to live for GOD;
One girl’s desire to please the Lord against all the odds, even when 
there is no example, no companion;
A wondrous woman!

Don’t give up; Who knows? You may be the Ruth of this generation!



II SAMUEL 13 : 15 – 20.

A battle in David’s family; 
The first born Amnon killed by the servants of the third son Absalom. 
Same father but not the same mother, so bitterness natural; But, 
Here the cause is not the throne ‘ who will succeed David?’
Some thing else or some one else; The beautiful Tamar!

The problem of premarital sex; fornication;
The confusing conflict between flesh and blood; 
Mistaken identities of love and lust;
The consequence of no-focus life;

See Amnon, being the first born son of David, supposed to focus
on the kingdom activities. The national affairs; but his affair?
Yes, his eyes were on Tamar; No, not on Tamar’s character,
But on her beauty; his focus is only on her body; The lust
In fact, he was so distressed and became thinner day after day! 

A crafty counsel and parental negligence brought Tamar to 
the den of Amnon; Systematically executed date rape;
How David foolishly accepted the sinister demands of Amnon?
Is it because of his fall and the resulted family politics?
We don’t know; but a warning to Parents!

In sexual matters, in male-female bonding,
No relationship can be assumed as a reliable relationship;
No friendship can be accepted as a faithful friendship;
No age group can be acknowledged as a matured age group;
No spiritual troop can be appreciated as a holy spiritual troop;

The pull and push of lust hormones inside the human system;
Who can understand it? Who can explain or control it?
It crosses all the boundaries; all the reasoning and warnings;
Its ferociousness cannot be tamed till it devours its victim! 

So Parents, with prayer and love, in your family garden,
Check, double check and cross check and do the weed pluck;

But the worst tragedy, the after effects; See Amnon!
After the devouring, he vomited Tamar;
The lecherous love becoming horrible hatred!
Result: Tamar remained desolate in Absalom’s house!
Consequence: Amnon got murdered after two years;
Absalom ran away from the kingdom; came back;
Rebelled against David, got killed; But Tamar?
The poor desolate Tamar, who can console her?

Special warning to girls!
Waiting for an invitation from Amnon & Co?
Mesmerized by the affection of love-sick Amnon?
Wish to sing ‘roses are red, violets are blue’?
Or I will paraphrase the above questions into a single question;
Want to be the next Tamar the desolate?
Go ahead, but just check the statistics!

Some Tamars married that Amnon and remained desolate;
Some Tamars married someone else and remained desolate;
The rest never got married but remained desolate!
Want to be happy ever after or desolate ever after?

True love will enrich, endear and engulf;
It will never entice, entrap and enslave;
That is just lust, lust to the core. 

So flee from Amnon to GOD’S Presence;
Keep your purity as the gift for your would-be;
That is the challenge, only worthy challenge for all the girls;

Dear boys, the above warning is for you also!
But you have something extra; Don’t be an Amnon;
First accept the responsibility as a husband, then sex;
Don’t reverse the order; Don’t exploit a girl’s weakness;
The emotional scar of girls will scare them night and day;
Please don’t do that; Please understand; Please wait and pray;
Please respect a girl as a person; Please avoid all manipulations;
GOD will honor you; you shall be a blessing!

Dear parents, It is better to be labelled as a overprotective parent
then to be labelled as Parent of desolate Tamar; Do your part!



II SAMUEL 11 : 14 – 17. 

Uriah the Hittite, not even an Israelite, but committed;
Committed to the king; committed to the Lord and His Ark;
Willing to sleep even in front of the king’s house;
Away from the battlefield physically, but not mentally;
Trustworthy, even to the extent of carrying his own death warrant;
In sense or not, keeping his work as his priority;

Surely deserve the king’s favor;
In the annual appraisal, a place of prominence ensured;

But this pitiable poor Uriah was subtly sidelined;
Silently silenced; craftily crushed; exceptionally eliminated;
The reason?
The same old abominable story – illicit sex.
The mastermind?
David, a man after God’s own heart!

Surely David didn’t expect that; Just a day’s affair;
Casual sex, few hours of live in relationship;
An afternoon of flirting and dating!
But read the Bible or even the newspaper, you will know,
The casual sex always ends as casualty sex!

But, how it started? 
Just a walk, just a look, just like that;
Ugly manipulation; Obsessiveness; Undue favors;
Cold blooded murder; Indecent proposal; inert marriage;

David understood so many mysteries but not the simple chemistry;
The chemistry of explosive and dangerous combination of
The private parts of a female’s body and
The detonating darts of a male’s eyes!
The catalyst of cancerous chain reactions!

The consequence, a series of murders starting with Uriah; 
In front of helpless David’s eyes, murder after murder;

Dear Ladies, that is why the way you dress becomes crucial;
Follow the fashion, but swallow the urge to expose a little extra;
Who knows, how many Uriahs are endangered by your expose?

Dear Gentlemen, that is why the way you see becomes crucial;
Even Job (31:1) made a covenant with his eyes!
Watch what you are watching; The sites and sights you crave for
Will ignite the virtual studio of the secret chambers of your mind
And in an opportune time will write the tragic screenplay of your life;
Who knows, how many Bathshebhas are entangled by your sight?

Poor David; Poor Bathsheba; Poor poor Uriah;
Few minutes of forbidden pleasure turned their life upside down;
Be warned; Just a walk; Just a talk; texting and sexting;
Mindless chatters and life shatters!

Married? Don’t push your life partner to an emotional coma by
your animal instincts with ‘I deserve something extra’ attitude!

Yet to get married? Don’t long for a live-in, one night fantasies;
Prepare yourself and wait in prayer for your life partner!
Remember, Live-In partner means you and that person;
But Life partner means GOD, you and that person;

Remember poor David; Remember poor Uriah;

Please cut, come back, repent and honor the marriage vows!

WIFE OF HIS YOUTH. ( MALACHI 2 : 14 & 15 ).

Work your schedule around God

Work your schedule around God

Work your schedule around God
don’t try to work God in around your schedule


MARK 6 : 20

John the Baptist in the prison;

Imprisoned because of his commitment to the truth;
His preaching ministry in the wilderness got disturbed;
Is it temporary or permanent? No idea;
From the wilderness to the prison, and not to the palace!

Is it a shortcut to the palace, like in the case of Joseph in Egypt?
A chance to become the official priest of Herod’s kingdom? 
Ministry expansion?, Chance to preach from palace?
God’s time to reward John’s faithfulness in the wilderness? 

Herod’s hatred slowly becoming acceptance, is it a sign?
A sign that a deliverance and promotion are waiting?
King’s frequent visits and willingness to obey John’s words,
A confirmation to a comfortable future?

But, at what cost?
A slight change in his conviction?
Little compromise? A single word of approval?
Approval of the illicit affair of Herod?

See the possibilities; A silent nod can change everything;
John the Baptist got tempted?
We don’t know, nothing mentioned in the Bible ;
But, surely he got disturbed, he got confused,
To the extend of doubting even Jesus,
To the extend of sending his disciples to Jesus, 
To question Jesus and His mission!

A desert trained prophet getting depressed? distressed?
Confidential conflicts and confusing attacks in his mind?
Prolonged imprisonment and loneliness breaking his will?
Silence of Jesus suffocating his inner man?

John suffered, but how cruelly he suffered? Who knows?
But he won; he never gave up; never compromised;
Never came down from his convictions to win any favor;
In fact, even in prison he shows favor to Herod by his teachings!

Lost his life in the end, but never lost his calling;

What about you?. Entering February, the month of valentine! 
A month of temptation to the singles and the married!
To the singles, to prove to their group ‘ I got my Valentine’!
To the married to show to the world ‘ Even now, I can get a valentine’!

At what cost? By compromising what?
Eros eroding your convictions in this e-world?
Preparing yourself to sleep with the serpent?
Compromising the privilege of walking with THE LION?

Ask Samson; He will tell you the bitter truth;
Walking with the Lion and sleeping with the serpent
Made him a clown in front of the crowd!
Ask Herod and he will tell you the same!

But ask John the Baptist, he will tell you;
Better to be lonely than to compromise;
Better to be faithful than famous;
Better to face the prison wall than to dance in the seducer’s hall;
Better to WALK with THE LION than to sleep with the serpent!

Planning to celebrate valentine’s day?
Go celebrate, not with the world but with THE WORD;

Enjoy an extended time of embrace with your Eternal Lover;

The soft and silky, smooth and silent , seducer calling you to bed?
Remember, The WORD, The LION, your Lover crushed its head!

Advanced Valentine’s Day wishes!


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