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In the beginning, in my life, all my glory was my Dad;
After few years, it was depending on my grades in Acads;

I grew and my growth in this and that
pushed me to gad,
Slowly I got a secret affair with my latest tab and Ipad;

Of course, my house size and the make of my car made me glad,
Even though my neighbor’s wealth irritates me and I am sad;

Now, I have a new hope for my glory and that is my lad,
I took my old diaries and sharing him all the dreams I had;

But he is like me, full of blunders and that drives me mad,
Somehow to this world ………. ……….  …………. ………….;

Hey, wait a minute!, I shared everything about my story;
But I forgot to tell you “I am living only for HIS GLORY!!!!!!”




MATTHEW 9 : 9 – 13.

Matthew, also called Levi, a tax collector;
An official post in the Roman empire, but a hated position in
the Jewish land. Tax collectors were labelled as worst sinners;
His faithful attempts to please the Government in his job always
increased the number of his enemies in his land; Nature of Job!;
But, like most of us, he had his own circle, a peer group;
A group of fellow tax collectors!
One day, the Word called him when he was in his office;
No hesitation, he just left everything and followed JESUS;

So happy, so enthusiastic, Matthew celebrated this with a dinner;
A dinner to honor his new Master, The Word, Jesus;
As usual, he invited his group, fellow tax collectors!

Lifting his head high, Matthew looked around expecting appreciation
from Jews for his stand;
The way he quit the hated job of tax collection and accepting JESUS
as his new Master deserves some impact on the Jewish society?
Watch carefully.
The accusing arrows of the society attacks JESUS participation in the
dinner. Reason?
Matthew and his friends were unacceptable to them.
Matthew left his old way of life and JESUS accepted him,
But the society?
So called society!
How many sincere people were labeled and rejected by it!
How many enthusiastic people were haunted by the comments,
about their past, of it!
How many beginners became backsliders because of it!
How many forgiven souls were tortured by false guilt injected by it!
Poor Matthew,
His very first attempt to honor JESUS backfired because of his past!
The enemy, the accuser, subtly manipulating the so called society to
hurt, sideline and silence the soldiers of GOD’s army!

Dear friend, are you in the company of Matthew?
Enthusiastically entered but emotionally crippled by the society?
Wish to excel, but somehow your guilt traps you just to exist?
Your vision, burden and concern are humiliated by the society?
Don’t worry! Just stand still!
Watch, Matthew did not justify any thing; but his Master spoke;
Beautiful explanation about JESUS’ mission!
Silencing the society! But that is not the end;
After few days JESUS honors Matthew by naming him as an apostle!
Imagine the shock waves felt in the society;
Beauty of GOD’s grace;

That is also not the end, you see!
The assignment of writing the Kingdom Gospel given to Matthew;
You Know the uniqueness of this gospel? It is targeting Jews;
Yes, the same so called Jewish society; That is why Matthew Gospel,
Unlike other gospels, quotes extensively from the old testament,
the tool that society used to attack JESUS and his followers;
Oh, the beauty of grace!
His first attempt to honor JESUS was questioned; but his proofs using the
prophesies of old testament, nobody can question!

Dear friend, never allow the accuser to remind you your past;
Failed?, Confess them; Sincerely confessed sins GOD never remembers!
If your past limits your potential and your future,
Just remember Matthew! His Gospel is the living proof that
‘ our qualification cometh from HIM’.



GENESIS 50 : 25, EXODUS 13 : 19 & HEBREWS 11 :22. 

Joseph took an oath before his death from the Children of Israel. 
“Carry up my bones from Egypt to Israel when GOD visits you”.

Think about the Egyptian culture; Royal Death means Royal Mummy!

A man who reversed the fortunes of Egypt deserved a Royal Mummy;
The Prime Minister, The CEO of Egyptian Food Distribution Services;
Number two in the Kingdom, The great administrator, tax reformer;
Son in law of the priest of On, the leader of the Goshen community;
He need not speak anything about his burial; The mummy reserved;
Even if not, he deserved it.

Reserved or Deserved, but he served the Living GOD;
Joseph knew his root and route!
Nearly 90 years in Egypt, knew everything about Egypt and its culture
but that culture did not touch his mind and heart; 
His oath devalued the Egyptian culture; He was put in a coffin.
Even now people are fascinated about the mummies, but Joseph?

But, why Joseph didn’t wish to be buried, in Canaan, like his father?
The Word says, In Hebrews 11:22, by faith he commanded that!
What is the connection between his faith and his bones?
His bones reminded the Israelite, the promise of God,
The promise given to and through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
The promise about the Promised Land;

In times of prosperity, when tempted to build empires, the bones 
reminds the Israelite ‘This is not our place, God will surely visit us’.
In times of adversity, when tempted to give up, quit, the bones
refines them to endure ‘ Some more time, God will surely visit us’.

For more than three hundred years, the bones were in Egypt,
Silently warning and encouraging the children of God;
Comparing with the mummies, these bones were so small, 
But they were smart, The smart bones!

When Moses led the Israelite out of Egypt, people carried the jewels 
of their neighbors, but Moses, their leader took the bones with him!
Prosperity, authority, adversity, slavery, murder of the male children,
hatred, work pressure, confrontation with the king and the pass over,
The Israelite never ignored the oath or the bones!
The Israelite preserved the oath and the oath preserved them!

But be warned, the bones were just reminders and not an idol!

I am remembering another death; another command;
Yes, The Lord’s table, commanded just before JESUS death!
His flesh and blood; a tradition, an idol or the remembrance?
Adversity or prosperity, The Lord’s table silently reminding us,
The Lord’s promise ” Surely I am coming quickly”.

Planning to build mummies or depressed to quit and give up?
Remember, this is not our place, move towards the promised land!

MARANATHA!, Amen, even so come LORD JESUS!




II KINGS 5 : 14 : Syrian commander in River Jordan;
Not to take bath, but to obey the words of Elisha;
He dipped seven times, his flesh was restored;
Restored like the flesh of a little child!
His leprosy gone; he was clean; A clean miracle!.

Wait, restored like the flesh of a little child?
But,what was his age? a commander, might be thirty plus!
After the miracle, he did not get the flesh of a thirty plus,
But, much more than that, like the flesh of a little child!
Total transformation; A brand new start;
Much more than the expectations; 
He expected just healing from the leprosy, 
But, why so much?

My cup runs over!
What we expected was just a drop, some relief;
Deliverance from the enemy; 
But a table in front of our enemies and
Our cups runs over; Just filling the cups will do,
But, why so much?

As a sinner we stood far from His Presence;
Expecting just forgiveness, some relief;
Willing to be servants and slaves, away from the enemy;
But eternal life, the seal, the gifts, the position in Christ;
Abundant life, exceedingly great promises, Royal priesthood;
The authority, The Word, The Spirit;
And above all, the right to call Him ‘ABBA FATHER’!
Just deliverance from sin and darkness will do,
But, why so much?

Because, GOD SO LOVED …., 

From His side, why so much?
But from our side, why so little?



MARK 6 : 20.

John the Baptist, Herod and Herodias;
See the sequence;
Herod and Herodias committing sin;
John the Baptist condemning it;
Instead of repenting, Herod put John in the prison;
Wants to kill John but not executing it because of people;
Slowly getting understanding about John’s holiness and righteousness;
Trying to protect John from Herodias fury;

Gladly listening and obeying John, but keeping him in prison;
Yes, Keeping John in the prison and Herodias on the throne;
A secret battle to balance the truth and the sin;
But, the enemy waits, if necessary for years, to kill the truth;
If necessary, she will use even her daughter;
If necessary, she will spoil even Herod’s birthday party;
She waits for an opportunity to eliminate the truth; 
Even if Herod hesitates, no option given; 
Party,Promise, Guests, Checkmate; 
A subtle strategy to enjoy tragedy;

Poor Herod; So close to truth, so eager to obey, but powerless;
His double game becoming a tool in the hand of the enemy;
Is it possible to celebrate any more birthday in the true sense?
Heard about Jesus, but remembered John, a resurrected John!
You know his story, his fears, the strategy and the tragedy;

Am I not doing it, like Herod?
Going away from God to please some herodias,
Hearing the Word, but not repenting, becoming furious,
Playing double game; trying to balance sin and truth;
No sharp decision, No separation, somehow manage!
For years, keeping sin on the throne and Truth in the prison!
So successful in balancing; the Word and the world;
Balancing Christian life or Balanced Christian life?

But, remember the sequence; the enemy waits, if necessary for years;
To catch you, to humiliate you, to make you feel worthless;
Even to the extend of getting confused about JESUS, like Herod;
Yes, you know the story, the fears, the strategy, the tragedy;
The enemy waits; but why you wait?
To come to senses; to take a sharp decision, to enthrone the Truth?

Please don’t wait, at least now, repent, come back to the Saviour; 
He only can save us from the enemy, from the sin, from the world,
From the strategic tragedy, by His Blood, by His Word, by the Spirit;
Please don’t wait, come back, The Truth is waiting! 



GENESIS 3 : 21. 

In the Garden of Eden, 
After the Fall, God gave a call,
” Adam, where are you?”.
After sometime, God saw the fig leaves covering of Adam,
And gave him garments of skin. 

Wait a minute,
Garments of skin, in the Garden of Eden?
How it came there?
Whose skin is that? Name of that animal?
Nobody knows; no, but Adam knew!

Yes, few days earlier God brought all the animals one by one,
Yes, one by one to Adam, and Adam named them all.

Adam didn’t just named it, he knew it well, because God gave an 
extended time of interaction with all these animals and then only told,
the need for a suitable partner!. 

This means, there was a death in the Garden of Eden!
Abel died outside the Garden, but this animal?

The Bible is silent about this death;
If God gave the skin garments, who killed it?; God?
In front of all the animals including the serpent?
In front of Adam and Eve?
An innocent animal became a substitute for Adam?
Blood in the Garden?
First death after the Fall?

Adam understood the seriousness of sin?
The agony of death? The cry of an innocent?
When the serpent approached him outside the Garden,
With subtle temptations, 
Adam remembered that animal?
The smell of blood?
The cruel death?
The garments of skin?

I don’ t know the answer, as the Bible is silent. 
But we know something else.

Yes, In the Garden of Gethsemane, 
The cry of the INNOCENT, 
In the cross, the cruel death, the shed blood;
For you and me, Paid in full;
To give the robe of righteousness,
The Garment of salvation; 

Serpent trying to seduce you?
Touch your garment;
Smell That Blood;
Feel that death; 
Victory yours.

But that is not the end, you know! 

Adam got the garments and thrown out of The Presence!
We got the garment and boldly entered The Presence!

Oh, The all sufficiency of JESUS CHRIST! 


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