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Daniel prayed.
What an amazing prayer!
Praying with the WORD as the base!
Praying after spending enough time and energy to understand
the written WORD!
Praying by taking hold of the promise by trusting GOD’s grace
and faithfulness!
Praying by, not just making the faith confession because of the promise but, fasting, humbling, weeping and confessing the failure!
Truly an amazing prayer!

But what was the prayer point?
Asking GOD to cause HIS face shine on HIS sanctuary
which was desolate! ( DANIEL 9 : 17 ).
Even though there was a clear promise from GOD through
HIS prophet Jeremiah( 2 CHRONICLES 36 : 21 ), Daniel
was not claiming the promise but fought on his knees for
the fulfillment!
Reading and understanding the promise and then kneeing
and submitting the supplications; What an amazing prayer

Not just Daniel’s prayer, but the answer too is so amazing!
But the answer is not a simple yes, no or wait as we
all speak about prayer;
In fact, the restoration of Jerusalem was not the main point
in the answer but the prophetical time table, starting from the
restoration of Jerusalem, linked with the redemption plan of
the world through the MESSIAH becomes the focus!

In other words, God’s messenger Gabriel exhorts Daniel to
open his eyes to look beyond his prayer for his nation!
Link your prayer with the overall plan of GOD for the world!

Restoration of Jerusalem was so important, no doubt, but
that was only a part of HIS redemption plan!
Desolation of the land, exile, slavery and suffering were all
heartbreaking consequences of sin and the land longed for
HIS touch to regain its lost glory but GOD longed not just
for the redemption of that land but of the whole world!

Dear friend,
Most of the times we consider prayer as a tool to solve our
problems; To some extent that may be true, but we all are
expected to grasp the love and longing of the Father’s heart,
HIS redemption plan and our role in that redemption plan!

Our life is not about our problems, our visions, our missions,
our churches and our organizations, not even about our
nation but about HIS redemption plan for the world!

If we link-it-in our life, our prayer life will be transformed and
we can understand that our small story is a part of HIS big
story; this will help us to understand and accept our role in
HIS plan and to have a fruitful life.


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