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A beast like a lion with eagle’s wings may come from
the sea to rule over the land, but we need not fear
because the ANCIENT OF DAYS is seated on the
throne! (DANIEL 7 : 4 & 9)

A beast like a bear may suddenly come with three ribs
in its mouth and may try to devour much flesh but we
need not fear because the ANCIENT OF DAYS is
seated on the throne! (DANIEL 7 : 5 & 9)

A beast like leopard with four wings and four heads may
come with much authority and dominion but we need not
fear because the ANCIENT OF DAYS is seated on the
throne! (DANIEL 7 : 6 & 9)

Whatever may be their power, might or authority, their
dominions will be surely taken away! (DANIEL 7 : 12)

Above all these three, even if dreadful and terrible beast
with ten horns may come and even if the eleventh horn
speaks blasphemous words, we need not fear because
that beast will be destroyed and will be given to the burning
flame! (DANIEL 7 : 11)

And that is not the full story; in fact One like the SON of MAN
came near the ANCIENT of DAYS and received an everlasting
dominion and glory and a kingdom! (DANIEL 7 : 14)

In fact, the fourth beast will speak pompous words against the
MOST HIGH and shall persecute the saints of the MOST HIGH;
Even, for a short time period , the saints shall be given in to his
hand! (DANIEL 7 : 25)
But fear not, his dominion will not last; it will be utterly destroyed;
And the kingdom and dominion shall be given to the people, the
saints of the MOST HIGH! (DANIEL 7 : 27)

It was history and also prophecy!

Dear friend,
Feeling the heat? struggle to endure? thinking of giving up?
Assuming that we are on the losing side?
Attacked from all sides by the enemy?
Yes, for a time, the enemy may act as if he is the winner and
his dominion is everlasting, but remember the everlasting
dominion belongs to the SON of MAN and HIS saints.
Whatever may be the problems and struggles we are facing
in our life, always remember one thing; we are on the winning
side. Yes the end of the warfare is already fixed. Even if we
are not able to see it some times, we all are victors because
of the VICTOR!

Not just DANIEL 7 but even
The last page of the oldest book of the BIBLE, book of JOB,
and the last page of the latest book of the BIBLE, book of
REVELATION clearly and gladly express the great truth that
we all are more than conquerors because of our SAVIOUR!
The everlasting dominion is with the KING of KINGS!
By trusting HIM, have a victorious life!


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