I CHRONICLES 17 : 1 – 15

David’s desire to build GOD’s house looked like a
honorable desire but GOD rejected David’s desire!
It was not in the will of GOD!.
What was wrong in his desire?
Was not he thinking about GOD’s glory?
In what way he was inferior to any other king?

The confusion between man’s Godly desires and
the will of GOD!

Even though GOD explained David the reason for
that rejection and HIS will about HIS house, it was
surely difficult to accept that rejection.

Even Moses’ desire to enter the promised land and
Paul’s desire to preach to his own people were not
approved by GOD!

If it is GOD who works in us both to will and to do
for HIS good pleasure (PHILIPPIANS 2 : 12), why
we need to be careful about our desires?. Are we
not having the freedom to take all our holy desires
as HIS will?

Dear friend,
Be clear about one thing; even though our spirit is
regenerated by the HOLY SPIRIT, our mind and body
are still in the fallen state; redemption of our body will
happen when JESUS comes again; but as the carnal
desires and the spiritual desires are always fighting
against each other to control the mind, most of the
desires in us will be having subtle embedding of
carnality even if our desires appears to be holy!

That is why the continuous renewal of mind by the
WORD is so important to prove what is that good and
acceptable and perfect will of GOD. ( ROMANS 12 : 2 ).

Cultivate the art of having holy desires but learn to filter
and find the will of GOD from that holy desires;
Never ignore the regular renewal of mind by the WORD;
Before attempting to find the hidden will of GOD, check
whether you are obeying the revealed will of GOD.

If your desire and GOD’s will are not matching, don’t get
depressed, but help others to fulfill HIS will in their life;
See, even though David was denied the privilege of building
GOD’s house, David took so much pain to collect all the
things for the temple of GOD and to identify the right people
to do the work so that Solomon can easily complete the
assigned work (I CHRONICLES 22 & 23).

Remember, HIS sheep hears HIS voice;
Stay close to HIM so that you can hear HIS voice!

( PSALM 119 : 130 )


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One response to “WILL AND WISH”

  1. DailyTears says :

    Very insightful post Anna. Thank you!


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