Watch the world news for a minute, you will understand
the total depravity of the fallen man; the desire to rule and
control, the urge to rebel and subdue, the schemes to
deceive and trample, the manipulations to manifest and
dominate, … surely the end game tactics are everywhere!

Man assumes that he is omnipotent and tries his best to
establish a name for himself in this fallen world; But he
fails to understand the Kingdom of The Great ‘I AM’ and
HIS grand plan to redeem this world! . HIS foreknowledge,
HIS active involvement in the world history, HIS patience
and HIS power are all ignored by the world!
Cosmic comedy!
Man tries to play GOD!

Read DANIEL 11.
Establishing kingdoms, fighting against another kingdom,
trusting the might and riches(verse 3& 4), divided kingdoms, uprooted kingdoms, peace agreement( verse 6), betrayal and rebellion, rise of world powers and their vain attempt to exhibit
their power and might( verse 11 ), unexpected stumbling and
the fall of the powerful ( verse 19), economic reforms (verse 20)
and the silent and subtle destruction of the reformer…..
We know it is a prophecy but is it not looking like the current
world affairs?

Read further!
an unassuming person becoming the ruler using his craftiness,
his desire to establish a new world order by crook or by hook,
his lust for power( verse 22 ), his deceptive way of using peace treaty, his novel approaches, his fame ( verse 24 ), his secret
agents in other kingdoms ( verse 26 ), his intense hatred against
the holy covenant ( verse 28 ) and steadily growing opposition to
his authority, ….
As a prophecy, we either try to figure out that person or label
this or that ruler as that person!
Yes, the way he exalt and magnify himself and his blasphemies
against the LIVING GOD will surely indicate the strengthening of
that person by the unholy forces of the deceptive, destructive,dirty
but defeated devil!.

Men who ignored and rejected the redemption plan becoming a
pawn in the hands of the enemy. And that pawn tries to fight
against the ALMIGHTY!
Is it not a comedy?
But there is a tragedy in that comedy!

Yes, the comedy attracts even some of the covenant people and
they forsake the holy covenant!. Sure, they all will get immediate honor from the deceiver (verse 30).
Tasted the covenant but wasted the privileges. What a tragedy!

Failing to understand our calling, as an ambassador of GOD in
this world, will deteriorate our convictions.
Remember, we are called to win some more from the opposite
camp by using the banner of TRUTH and instead if we start appreciating the pleasures of this world, compromise will enter
our inner core and we may also become a pawn in the enemy’s
The prophecy is given, not to identify that ruler or time but, to
warn us against our compromising lifestyle. We are expected
to understand and instruct many. ( DANIEL 11: 33 ).



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One response to “COSMIC COMEDY”

  1. ruby packiam says :

    Very nice message. Yes today many people are in the danger of falling down from their covenant


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