Daniel was mourning three full weeks!
Partial fasting and persistent praying!
For what?
To humble himself in the sight of the LORD and
to have a clear understanding!

Think about this; a man who served as the Chief administrative
officer for so many decades, a man who was able to interpret
so many dreams and visions, a man who met angels in his
visions as well as in the lion’s den, a man who saw in his vision
the Ancient of Days and the Son of Man, a man who had clear
revelations about the end times and a man who was able to
interpret even the writing on the wall was fasting and praying to
gain more understanding and to humble himself!

A man who excelled in his academics, administration as well
as in his spiritual life throughout his lifetime decided and set
his heart to understand and to humble himself before the LORD!

Fasting not just for one or two days but for more than twenty
one days!
So aged but so thirsty!
Even if his life had many unique achievements he had a holy
To know and understand HIM and HIS plans more and more!

In a world where even a small success in a minor endeavor
makes human beings so proud and haughty, people like
Daniel are rare to see!
Kingdoms changed; kings changed; but Daniel’s prominence
in those kingdoms never decreased; Even then, he set his
heart to humble himself!
Daniel was not dwelling in his past glory but focused on
GOD’s glory!
No wonder the enemy tried his best for twenty one days to
disturb the prayer. ( DANIEL 10 : 13).

Dear friend,
Want to have a settled spiritual life?
Satisfied with the little Bible knowledge?
Feeling proud because of just one revelation?
Still boasting about your ‘ long long ago’ achievement?

Be warned, your contentment should be in the material
things, not in the spiritual things!
Cultivate the art of having holy dissatisfaction in your
spiritual disciplines!
More love, more power, more revelations;
More praying, more sowing, more giving;
More fasting; more thirsting, more filling;

Never allow your track record to deviate you from the track!
Praise GOD for the past achievements but don’t stop there;
Ask for new assignments; new challenges; new domains!

Be honest!
When was the last time you fasted and prayed, not for some
worldly blessings but, to know more about HIS PLANS?

Hey, the angels are waiting to bring the answers from the
THRONE, but where are the Daniels?
Anyone listening?



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2 responses to “HEALTHY HEARTITUDE”

  1. ruby packiam says :

    A wonderful message. I also want to become like Daniel means earning for the knowledge of the living God. How can I share this in the face book.


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