King Darius issued a new decree regarding Daniel’s GOD!
How that happened?
Was it because of processions and petitions?
Was it because of debates and dialogues?
Was it because of hunger strikes and token strikes?

No, it was because of one man’s commitment!

His enemies were so sure about his prayer life that they knew
even if there was a law against his faith, Daniel would be praying!
In fact, even after knowing the new law and the consequent
punishment, Daniel continued his praying as usual.
In fact Daniel’s enemies were not against his prayer but used
that just to entrap him! (DANIEL 6 : 5).

How was it possible for Daniel to pray in such a way that even
his enemies could acknowledge his lifestyle of prayer?
That too with all the administrative responsibilities?

Again, think about the king’s remarks!
After throwing Daniel into the lions’ den, the king said to Daniel
‘May your GOD, whom you worship continually, rescue you’!
Daniel worshiping continually?( DANIEL 6 : 16 ).
How the king knew it?
How much time the king observed Daniel?
Was it possible for an administrator like Daniel to worship GOD

Further, the next morning the king came near the den and called
out in anguish; but instead of addressing Daniel as his servant,
he strangely called Daniel as the servant of living GOD!
Considering his servant as a servant of the living GOD?
How was it possible for Daniel to get that kind of certificate from
a king? ( DANIEL 6 : 20 ).

Dear friend,
Most of the times we trumpet ourselves as prayer warriors and
worship leaders; we try to prove to the church and to the world
about our power in prayer and talent in worship; stage managed
prayer meetings and camera conscious worship sessions make
so much news everywhere; but let it be told in a hushed voice,
that our nation is yet to see a man or woman who prays and
worships continually and effectively, like Daniel!

Shall we say that the desire of our GOD to change the law of the
land to favor HIS children, seeks and rests on a consistent and
courageous persons like Daniel whose lifestyle of prayer and
worship impacts the enemies and the authorities in a silent and
solid way?

Don’t worry about the number of enemies or the seriousness of
the law that are against us; rather dedicate yourselves to have
a lifestyle of prayer and worship!
In the right time, GOD will use the Daniels, if necessary through
the path of lion’s and angels, to rewrite the law!
Remember, even Daniel was a minority in that land; if GOD
could use his commitment to bring glory to HIS name in all those
120 provinces, why not in our land?
Will you be that Daniel?



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