Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, was slain and
Darius the Mede received the kingdom!
Even though the reason for this was clearly given
in the Book of Daniel, the root behind that reason
was slightly hidden;
Consider the following verses:

1. DANIEL 5 : 2
The king knew about the vessels from the temple of GOD
and the place where they were kept; but he didn’t knew
the history behind that vessels!
He thought about using that vessels but didn’t understand
the proper way to use them or the purpose for which they
were made!
He knew but he didn’t know!
Partial understanding; Superficial grasping!

2. DANIEL 5 : 13.
Daniel served as the chief administrator of Babylon for so
many years, solved so many problems, interpreted so many
of Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams and was faithful to that king in
all the assignments; but strangely king Belshazzar recognized
Daniel as a Jew whom Nebuchadnezzar brought from Judah!
Even the Queen knew more things about Daniel!
Even though what Belshazzar told about Daniel was true, in the kingdom of Babylon, that was not the whole truth about Daniel!
He knew but he didn’t know!
Partial understanding; Superficial grasping!

3. DANIEL 5 : 22.
Belshazzar knew about the things happened to his father; his
power and might; his pride and fall; his repentance and his
Belshazzar knew from his father’s experience that the Most
High GOD rules in the kingdom of men; But he didn’t know
how to humble himself like Nebuchadnezzar!
He knew but he didn’t know!
Partial understanding; Superficial grasping!

4. DANIEL 5 : 30.
As a king, Belshazzar was supposed to know about his
enemies, but he didn’t know that his enemies were so close!
That very night he got killed.
He knew about the judgement coming on him,as interpreted by
Daniel, but he surely didn’t expect that on the same day!
In fact, he knew how to honor Daniel who interpreted but
didn’t know how to repent and to have a possible escape!
He knew but he didn’t know!
Partial understanding; Superficial grasping!

Leave him, but what about us?
Are we all not having the same problem?
Superficially reading the WORD and not even trying to
grasp what is written?
Know about the Holy things but don’t know how to use
Know about the SON of MAN but satisfied with a partial
understanding of HIS nature?
Know about so many experiences but never learnt to
apply the experiences in a Biblical way?
Know about the coming judgement but not serious about
that and hence postponing repentance and reconciliation?

Proper Action depends on proper understanding;
Proper understanding depends on proper studying;
Proper studying depends on proper time spending;

Ignoring the WORD or superficially reading the WORD
just for name sake will slowly corrupt our understanding
and hence the power to apply the WORD in our life!

Take time to be holy!



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