MARK 5 : 25 – 34

PESSIMIST: You are having this problem for the last twelve
years. You met so many doctors, spent so much money but
no deliverance; you have no hope; learn to live with this problem!
( MARK 5 : 25, 26 )

OPTIMIST : But I heard about JESUS; Even in my own place, I
heard about the deliverance a man, possessed by legion, got.
I trust HIM!

PESSIMIST : Even if you trust HIM, you won’t have the opportunity
to meet HIM!

OPTIMIST : Yes, but the LORD is close to all who call on HIM, to
all who call on HIM sincerely.( PSALM 145 : 18 )
HE will create an opportunity for my sake!

PESSIMIST : Even if HE is close to you, HIS focus is not you, but
the daughter of Jairus ( MARK 5 : 22 ) . HE won’t stop for you!

OPTIMIST : HE need not stop for me; HE need not touch me; I
will use the opportunity and some how I will touch HIM!

PESSIMIST : You see, how many are behind HIM; It is a big crowd;
But you are so weak because of your problem; How are you going
to touch HIM? It is not possible.

OPTIMIST : Yes, but because of the crowd, HE can’t move fast; SO I
will get more time to go close to HIM; With all my mind, with all my
strength, with all my heart I will persevere. At least HIS dress I will touch!

PESSIMIST : Dress? Do you have any scriptural reference to believe
that by touching a dress you can get healed?

OPTIMIST : I am not trusting the method but the PERSON and HIS
presence; HE can. that much I know and that is enough!

PESSIMIST : Suppose some one in the crowd knows about your
problem, what they will think ? you know, when you are having this
kind of problem, you should not come near other people?

OPTIMIST : when I started my faith walk towards HIM, the first thing
I learned is not to worry about ‘ what others will think?’.
Let them worry about their problems and their master!
Further, I am not following the crowd but JESUS.

PESSIMIST : You see how many are touching HIM and HIS dress;
nothing is happening; why waste time? Go back!

OPTIMIST : Can you please move and give me space to touch
HIS dress? I believe ‘ If I can touch HIS clothing, I will be healed’.
This is my faith; I don’t know about others!

She touched the fringe of HIS robe, and the healing power had
gone out from HIM and she got healed!



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