II KINGS 4 : 8 – 36

In the town of Shunem;
A wealthy woman recognized Elisha as a man of GOD and
hence provided food to eat and an upper room to rest to
Nobody asked her to do that: Voluntarily and willingly, she
ministered to the prophet!

Not just voluntarily and willingly, but even when she was
barren; No child and her husband was also aged!
She served GOD with a heart of contentment!
She didn’t even reveal her problem to the prophet!
Even when the prophet wished to do some favor to
her, she didn’t exploit that situation!
Not wealthy just in the materialistic sense!

Silent sufferings but splendid servings!

No wonder GOD blessed her in a miraculous way!

But, within a few years, crisis entered her life;
The son, she got by the miracle, died!
The time to let go?
No, watch how she responded?
The silent, submissive and humble woman suddenly
became a fierce warrior!

She put her son’s body in the upper room, informs
her travel plan to her husband but not spreading the
information of her son’s death, travels from Shunem
to Mount carmel , meets the prophet and cries!

Even when Elisha sends his servant with Elisha’s staff,
she is not willing to accept that but convincing and
compelling Elisha to come to her house!
She is not willing to give up; not ready to accept any
alternate suggestions; not willing to quit;
She knows what she wants and fights to finish!

In the first part, she was so passive, not even expecting
any thing for her faithful service, humbly serving Elisha,
with the divine perspective of honoring a servant of GOD!

In the second part, she becomes so dynamic, plan and
pursue her goal of getting her son back, travelling so
much distance cries, begs, fights, struggles, convinces
and conquers, all alone!

What she received by a Promise, she was not allowing
to loose by her passive submission!

Dear friend,
How many times we accept and embrace failures and
setbacks foolishly and passively, instead of fiercely and
diligently fight back to reclaim them?
How many areas in our lives were surrendered to our
enemy as we are not dynamic?
How many things, what we received by His promise and
His grace, were ignored and lost?

In particular, how many marriages, covenants made in
HIS presence, were allowed to die just because of our
unconditional passive attitude?
Fight back, honor the marriage vow, don’t accept the
foolish and hopeless verdict the world and your mind utter!
Revive it! Reclaim it! Be dynamic!

Finally, dear servant of GOD, how many of us passively
allowed our original vision to die and somehow managing
some kind of work just to show that we serve HIM?
The Shunamite woman was not willing to give up what
she received by the divine intervention but fought back;
Was it not worth?

Don’t give up; Be dynamic; Be alert; Be a warrior!

There is a time to stand still,
but there also is a time to fight!

Fight for your family; Fight for your vision!
You will surely testify ‘it is so sweet and worth’!.

YOUR FEET! ( PSALM 91 : 13 )


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