GENESIS 7 : 2 & GENESIS 8 : 16 – 22.

NOAH; A man who found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

When Noah finished the ark building, GOD gave him
a clear instruction to take with him seven pairs of
each clean animals, one pair of each unclean animal
and seven pairs of each birds to keep the species
alive on the face of all the earth.

To keep the species alive, if one pair of each unclean
animals are sufficient, why seven pair each of the clean
animals in the ark?
In case of birds, why seven pair each, clean or unclean?
Why extra ‘luggage’ in the ark?

GOD never explained; Simply said;
Noah never asked; Simply obeyed;

When the earth was dried, again GOD gave him clear
instruction to bring out every living thing out of the
ark; No numbers mentioned; Nearly after one year of
stay inside the ark, surely the numbers underwent
changes just by natural reproduction!

When all the living things came out of the ark,
Noah again started building, not an ark but an altar!

Check the Scripture carefully;
GOD did not mention any thing about the offerings!
But, Noah voluntarily offered the burnt offerings!

Not in a casual manner, but very carefully;
Only the clean animals and clean birds!

Think about the possible excuses!
The earth is so vast and the number of animals
and birds is so less and hence the life of every animal
and bird is so important to keep the species alive;
Why take risk by offering some?

May be after some time, the numbers will increase;
Is it not better to offer then than now?

When GOD is not specifically asking, why ‘waste’ the
scarce resources?

But, Noah offered the burnt offerings;
And GOD smelled the soothing aroma!

The Result: The Noahic Covenant (GENESIS 8 : 21&22).

Dear friend,
When was the last time you obeyed, like Noah, even if
the instructions were not clearly explained?
When was the last time you voluntarily offered your
scarce resources as a soothing aroma to GOD?

Some final questions?
The concepts of burnt offering, clean and unclean
animals and birds were explained only during Moses’
time. But how Noah grasped these things?

Is it true that any one who found grace in the sight of
the LORD and who is willing to obey GOD unreservedly
will be having an extra dose of wisdom to perceive things
much in advance?
I don’t know, but we all found grace in the sight of the
LORD because of the finished work of CHRIST;
If in addition, if we obey GOD sincerely,
Who knows, what kind of insights we all can have?

OF THE ALTAR. (PSALM 118 : 27 )


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