GENESIS 50 : 25, EXODUS 13 : 19 & HEBREWS 11 :22. 

Joseph took an oath before his death from the Children of Israel. 
“Carry up my bones from Egypt to Israel when GOD visits you”.

Think about the Egyptian culture; Royal Death means Royal Mummy!

A man who reversed the fortunes of Egypt deserved a Royal Mummy;
The Prime Minister, The CEO of Egyptian Food Distribution Services;
Number two in the Kingdom, The great administrator, tax reformer;
Son in law of the priest of On, the leader of the Goshen community;
He need not speak anything about his burial; The mummy reserved;
Even if not, he deserved it.

Reserved or Deserved, but he served the Living GOD;
Joseph knew his root and route!
Nearly 90 years in Egypt, knew everything about Egypt and its culture
but that culture did not touch his mind and heart; 
His oath devalued the Egyptian culture; He was put in a coffin.
Even now people are fascinated about the mummies, but Joseph?

But, why Joseph didn’t wish to be buried, in Canaan, like his father?
The Word says, In Hebrews 11:22, by faith he commanded that!
What is the connection between his faith and his bones?
His bones reminded the Israelite, the promise of God,
The promise given to and through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
The promise about the Promised Land;

In times of prosperity, when tempted to build empires, the bones 
reminds the Israelite ‘This is not our place, God will surely visit us’.
In times of adversity, when tempted to give up, quit, the bones
refines them to endure ‘ Some more time, God will surely visit us’.

For more than three hundred years, the bones were in Egypt,
Silently warning and encouraging the children of God;
Comparing with the mummies, these bones were so small, 
But they were smart, The smart bones!

When Moses led the Israelite out of Egypt, people carried the jewels 
of their neighbors, but Moses, their leader took the bones with him!
Prosperity, authority, adversity, slavery, murder of the male children,
hatred, work pressure, confrontation with the king and the pass over,
The Israelite never ignored the oath or the bones!
The Israelite preserved the oath and the oath preserved them!

But be warned, the bones were just reminders and not an idol!

I am remembering another death; another command;
Yes, The Lord’s table, commanded just before JESUS death!
His flesh and blood; a tradition, an idol or the remembrance?
Adversity or prosperity, The Lord’s table silently reminding us,
The Lord’s promise ” Surely I am coming quickly”.

Planning to build mummies or depressed to quit and give up?
Remember, this is not our place, move towards the promised land!

MARANATHA!, Amen, even so come LORD JESUS!



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